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We are always interested in innovative new products in the marketplace and keeping abreast of new techniques and materials we can offer our customers. We are increasingly using the EPDM flat roofing system and obtaining great results. The introduction of RapidRoof is an exciting new addition to the types of roofs we can work on.

RapidRoof System is a fully bonded membrane with over 200% elasticity. Available in seven colours it is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofing. 

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Two Systems

Waterproof: RapidRoof Waterproofing system is a rapid cure 2 coat waterproof membrane that provides a tough surface coupled with 200% elasticity. It provides an excellent finish similar to EPDM.

Anti-Skid: RapidRoof Anti-Skid is a 1 coat application similar to RapidRoof Waterproof, but comes with a ready mixed Anti-Skid component. With a curing speed of 20 minutes, areas coated can be re-opened to general foot traffic within an hour. 

What can RapidRoof be used for?

Flat Roofs: for smaller projects RapidRoof Waterproof is the ideal rapid cure waterproofing system, particularly where the appearance of the roof matters.

Balconies: The RapidRoof Balcony System provides both waterproofing protection coupled with a hard wearing anti-skid finish, available in a variety of colours

Stairways & Walkways: RapidRoof Anti-Skid provides a rapid application and cure for both residential and industrial projects

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